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Registration support

Mingdou Agrochemical attaches great importance to the registration; we invest a lot every year in obtaining the local registration certificate in ICAMA.

Strong ability of integrating resources and managing supply-chain empower us to support our customers’ registration in the most efficient way.

In addition to ICAMA certificate, we can provide, according to customers’ requirements, with the documents, such as 5-batch report, full set of toxicology reports (six-pack acute toxicity, sub-acute toxicity, chronic toxicity, sub-chronic toxicity, teratology toxicity, reproductive toxicity, etc.), residue report, environmental behavior report and environmental toxicology report, etc.

We have a professional registration team which consists of master & bachelor, they are all from renowned agriculture universities and medical colleges. We assist our customers to obtain their registration based on their requirements and actual situation. Meanwhile, our staffs study and analyze profoundly the pesticide regulations in different countries, and follow up their tendency.


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